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For the 157th episode of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable Podcast, Dave and I jump to both sides of the Atlantic for some fun and interesting stories.

We start off looking into charges that the former CSO of Uber is facing. According to the allegations, there was hush money paid and also some lying to investigators and suppressing evidence. From there, we stay in the States and look at the University of Utah who paid cybercriminals after a ransomware attack.

The third story jumps across the pond to a bit of a Passw0rd1 problem for Home Office. You see, this agency had a bit of a snafu when their Passw0rd1 was displayed on a flip chart in one of their office windows for the world to see. We close out the podcast by looking into a new lawsuit against Zoom. The folks arguing that the marketing of the company, especially around the word encryption, was a bit misleading.

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Dave and I kick off the 156th edition of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable Podcast, by talking about one of our favorite types of alcohol.

You see, while Dave likes his Jack Daniel’s, we are not talking mixed drinks. Rather, we discuss how the parent company of the US Bourbon, Brown-Forman, has suffered a ransomware attack. This attack continues the trend of big companies getting hit with ransomware. Our second story dives into the new to us industry of dropshipping. This business seems to have people making money off of people looking to buy products pushed by influencers or knock off sites. To us, sounds like a pyramid scheme where the consumer is the one who will suffer. From there, we jump to high tea at the Ritz in London. This case is an interesting scam that our affluent readers will want to keep an eye on.

For our fourth story, we take a look at the potential GDPR impact of an issue of data storage. To close out the podcast, we head to the land down under and a snafu involving credentials being shared on live TV.

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For the 155th episode of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable Podcast, Jeff and I talk about the recent Canon ransomware attack & much more.

The first story we look at is how some US lawyers are asking the Californian DMV why (and how) they’re making $50M USD a year selling driving license data to third parties.  From there, we look at recent news that the U.S government is giving away $10M USD to information around election hacking.

Moving into the gaming world, the next story is a look at a “vigilante” in the gaming world who’s hacking the hackers (so to speak).  GamerDoc has made a name for himself exposing cheats and cheaters in the FPS shooter gaming world and it seems cheat developers are none too pleased.

Finally, we look at a story that should never have been: the alleged Twitter hacker was summoned to a virtual court summons, but things soon turned sour when zoom-bombers invaded, shouting and broadcasting pornography.  The session was quickly adjourned.

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For the 154th episode of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable Podcast, Dave and I spend most of our time talking about ransomware and gaming.

The first story we look at is the latest with Garmin and their recent battle with Evil Corp and WastedLocker. While this story is still developing, there could be more to this in the coming weeks. From there, we stay on the topic of ransomware with a new report on LG and Xerox being hit as well. Both of these companies appear to have been hit by the Maze gang and have seen their data published by the gang online. The third story stays on the topic and looks at CWT’s recent bout with ransomware.

From there, we hop into the gaming world. We start off discussing the world record for speedrunning that was set using Kaspersky Internet Security on Doom Eternal. We then welcome back Maria Namestnikova of our GReAT team to discuss security and gaming. To close out the podcast, we discuss a refund that Google is giving out.

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