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To kick off the latest edition of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast, Ahmed and I ask Dave the status of his Covid-19 NFT. Unfortunately, he was too busy recovering from the actual virus to create his own NFT.

However, we stay on the topic of NFTs for a pair of articles. The first is with our friends on Twitter and how users can now have their profile picture be of an NFT that they have purchased. If that wasn’t enough, we then head to Britain where Julian Lennon is selling off some Beatles historical relics, well at least a digital version of them. While we debate the merits of the auction, we head into another story that is not really up for debate. Instead, we discuss a move from the Russian Federation to ban cryptocurrencies.

From Russia, we head back to the UK where lawmakers are taking the battle to weaken encryption to a new level. In a new campaign, those attacking encryption are using the guise of weakening encryption to protect the children. To close out the podcast, we discuss a report of rising fear within the ransomware community following the REvil arrests.

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To start off this week’s episode of the Transatlantic Cable podcast, Ahmed, Dave, and I talk cryptocurrency. Unlike most of our chats on the digital currency, we focus on the criminal aspect of it.

More accurately, our conversation centers on a new report of the nearly $400 million North Korea is alleged to have stolen in the past year. We have some fun going through the report, but we also discuss its implications.

Staying in the world of cybercrime, we then discuss the further-ranging implications of an FBI honeypot operation that involved rather more “anonymous” phones than initially reported.

Our third story heads over to Eastern Europe, where Russia’s FSB has arrested members of the REvil gang after getting good intel from the FBI. This story has been a long-time coming but is also somehow surprising.

We then head to a weird story that might as well have come from The Quibbler. A lawsuit claims that Facebook, being free, is a monopoly. Of all the things to sue Facebook over! Ahmed and I have a bit of fun at David’s expense with this story. We close out the podcast with a pair of stories discussing some more bad news for the world of NFTs.

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With the New Year firmly behind us, Dave, Jeff and Ahmed start to look at some of the more quirky stories of the last few days in the latest episode of the Transatlantic Cable.

To kick things off, we look at the roller-coaster that is the price of bitcoin (and to a larger extent, crypto prices in general) and wonder how much further things can slide, from there we discuss the recent news that SEGA isn’t going to pursue NFTs (for now) due to the negative feedback from gamers. Following that, we look at a story that beggar’s belief: it involves passing wind, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and thousands of dollars – no, I’m not making this up – go check it out yourself with the link below.

From there we look at a story that hackers are trying to penetrate U.S government institutions by posting USBs loaded with malware in the hopes that employees will insert them into computers to find out what’s inside.

Also on this week’s episode is an exclusive interview with Fabio Assolini and Santiago Pontiroli from Kaspersky GReAT to talk about financial predictions in 2022.

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Happy New Year and welcome to the first Transatlantic Cable podcast of 2022. With Dave still out, Ahmed and I take on this episode as a two-man show.

To kick things off, we reflect on the Christmas holiday and this year’s “it” toy, the Chatter Bluetooth Telephone from Fisher-Price. This toy is pretty cool, and it lets users actually talk with it over Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the connection is not as secure as one would hope.

From there, we head to the world of mobile chat apps for a story about a malicious downloader tied to Telegram and people downloading from unofficial sources.

The third story we talk about has to do with Spiderman No Way Home — no spoilers here, just the predictable malware, this time of the crypto-mining variety.

To close out the podcast, we discuss a new vulnerability affecting some people who connect to Apple HomeKit.

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