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Episode 314 of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable Podcast starts with news that another the infamous Lapsu$ is now behind bars. The gang were responsible for some of the more audacious hacks of 2022, including Rock Star games, Uber and even Nvidia.  From there discussion moves to news that CLOP are continuing to distribute stolen data from their attacks.

To wrap up, the team look at publication from 404 Media which dives into the murky world of credit header theft and a stalkerware application dubbed ‘WebDetective’ was recently hacked, with all their server data being deleted. 

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In Episode 313 of the Transatlantic Cable Podcast, the team look at a new supply-chain attack with the majority of victims being in the Hong Kong area along with news that Google have introduced their first ‘Quantum Resilient FIDO2 security key’ – something that sounds like it’s from a science fiction novel but is very much real and could be standard security practice in a few years’ time.

To wrap up the team look news that Duolingo has suffered a data breach, with over 2 million users data leaked, and a positive news story around Interpol – with the international service arresting 14 suspected cyber criminals, accused of stealing over $40 million in Africa.  

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In Episode 312 of the Transatlantic Cable Podcast, we delve into how cybercriminals exploit hacked websites, particularly WordPress-based ones, for phishing. Discover their tactics, risks involved, and signs of such attacks. We also uncover phishers' strategies, from hacking sites to evading detection, along with concerns about AI hiring tools. Additionally, we discuss the rise of AI chatbots in HR, covering efficiency gains, bias concerns, legislative actions, and motivations behind their adoption. Lastly, we highlight a cyberattack on the UK's Electoral Commission in 2022, accessing voter data, raising privacy concerns despite no impact on electoral processes.


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We kick off Episode 311 of the Transatlantic Cable Podcast by talking about how Mexican cartels are using the US government's CBP One app to help immigrants make their way through Mexico to the US borders. Then, we're heading over to Finland, where they've seen a crazy increase in ransomware attacks ever since they joined NATO. And hey, ever wondered why Google guzzled up a whopping 5.6 billion gallons of water last year? We've got the scoop on that too! Wrapping things up, we'll dive into the world of hacking, as a sneaky group of North Korean hackers managed to break into the computer networks of a major Russian missile developer.


·      Mexican cartels exploit US government's CBP One app

·      Finland sees fourfold spike in ransomware attacks since joining NATO, senior cyber official says


·      North Korean hackers breached top Russian missile maker

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The latest edition of the Transatlantic Cable begins with discussion around Elon Musk, Twitter X and WeChat – is Elon trying to pivot the social media app into an ‘everything app?’  From there, the team talk about the Home Office in the U.K looking into facial recognition technology for the retail sector.

To wrap up the team discuss two stories, the first around the Lazarus group being implicated in a recent crypto heist and the other around Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and a worm virus.  

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Welcome to a special bonus episode, brought to you from the gang behind the Transatlantic Cable. 

Join David & Jag as they chat to cybersecurity experts & leaders in the Asia-Pacific region about the latest cyber trends in the region. In addition to this, we learn about the upcoming APAC Cyber Insights webinar. 

The upcoming APAC Cyber Insights webinar on 6th September 2pm Singapore time, is a must-attend event for anyone interested in staying ahead in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape. This event brings together industry leaders and cybersecurity experts to discuss the latest trends, as well as the latest approaches to combatting advanced attacks.
We look forward to seeing many of our viewers at the cyber insights event. Together we can be cyber resilient by strengthening our cybersecurity defences and protect against emerging threats.

You can register for the webinar here.

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