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The latest episode of the Transatlantic Cable starts off with news that GoDaddy, one of the largest web hosting services was hacked back in 2020 and the attackers were able to gain access to the back end of millions of websites, helping them to push malware and steal credentials.

Moving from there the team look at news of the recent remove of SMS 2FA (two factor authentication) from Twitter, sparking a fierce debate in the infosec world. There’s also discussion around spam bots in Instagram and the (final) death of Internet Explorer 11.

The team was also lucky enough to chat to David Emm, principle security researcher at Kaspersky about new research around kids attitudes to fraud and security online. 

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The latest episode of the Transatlantic Cable kicks off once again with a discussion around A.I – this time, looking at how it could soon be used by musicians to help them create music – but concerns grow that it could one day be used to create music (much like it can now be used to create art). From there the team discus how a pair of developers have created an A.I that generates lifelike police portraits sketches, and it’s got privacy and civil liberty experts worried. 

Moving away from A.I to something more concrete, the team talk about the recent proposal from the U.K government to ban the use and sale of encrypted phones – often used by criminals to circumnavigate prying eyes.

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Episode 285 of the Transatlantic Cable kicks off with yet more news around A.I and the ever-interesting topic of ChatGPT.  However, this time, the discussion starts with regulation and the CTO of Open AI believes that it’s inevitable.  Moving from that to a more quirky story, still involving A.I however: a small team have used AI to create a never-ending Seinfield episode, streaming over on Twitch – sadly at the time of writing, it appears to have been shut down, but it still raises interesting questions around content creation, human creativity and what A.I will bring (or take away) from the table. 

Moving away from A.I to more cyber-security related news – the team discuss the closure of Exclu, an encrypted mobile phone company that enabled criminals to chat without fear of snooping, however the Dutch police were already inside the systems.

To wrap up, the team talk about a recent story around the FBI’s changing approach to ransomware, with the recent Hive takedown.

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·        The Creator of ChatGPT Thinks AI Should Be Regulated

·        Dutch Police Read Messages of Encrypted Messenger 'Exclu'

·        AI has been generating an endless Seinfeld episode

·        Hive takedown illustrates FBI’s evolution towards victim-recovery efforts

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Episode 284 kicks off with a story that is going to surprise no one: over 50% of smart appliances are not connected to the internet, which is a surprise to only the manufacturers – it seems people aren’t really convinced by Wi-Fi enabled refrigerators or washing machines, it seems.

Moving on from that, the team discuss news that AI audio is becoming a problem, with AI company ElevenLabs saying that they’re going to start clamping down on troublesome audio recordings – but has Pandora’s box already been opened?  Staying with AI, the team also look at a story breaking from China, with Baidu set to launch their own version of ChatGPT.

To wrap up, the team discuss a rather odd story involving pet fish, Pokemon, PayPal and credit cards…. We’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

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Pet fish playing Nintendo Switch run up bill on owner’s credit card

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