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Episode 292 of the Transatlantic Cable Podcast is here! This week, the team talk about aggressive AI and how the DEA have turned Apple AirTags into a surveillance tool against criminals.

Moving on, the team discuss recent news that Nvidia’s CTO thinks that crypto-currencies don’t “bring anything useful for society” – pretty bold words for a business that sold GPU cards to crypto-miners just a few years ago.  To wrap up, discussion moves onto how the US is looking to block the use and sale of commercial spyware – however, there’s a pretty big catch.  

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·        Microsoft's Bing AI Now Threatening Users Who Provoke It

·        The DEA Quietly Turned Apple’s AirTag Into A Surveillance Tool

·        Cryptocurrencies add nothing useful to society, says chip-maker Nvidia

·        President Biden kind of mostly bans commercial spyware from US govt


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Episode 291 of the Transatlantic Cable Podcast kicks off with news around OpenAI’s recent decision to reduce the amount of information it’s sharing about how ChatGPT is trained, causing some to worry that it’s no longer as open as originally designed. 

From there discussion moves to a recent story around the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) in America and hackers looking to leverage DEA’s internal toolset.  Following that, news around hacked crypto ATMs and a new story from Securelist around  a newly discovered APT group, CommonMagic. 

This episode also includes a discussion with Susi O’Neil from Kaspersky’s Brand Activation Studio to talk about their upcoming audio mini-series called “Insight Story.” The series aims to help business leaders better understand digital tech such as AI, Metaverse and much more.  To listen to episode one, you can tune in here

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·        OpenAI co-founder on company’s past approach to openly sharing research: ‘We were wrong’

·        Inside the DEA Tool Hackers Allegedly Used to Extort Targets

·        General Bytes Bitcoin ATMs hacked using zero-day, $1.5M stolen

·        Bad magic: new APT found in the area of Russo-Ukrainian conflict

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Please accept our apologies for the audio in places - we've done what we can to clean it up - back to normal scheduling next week! 

Welcome to the 290th episode of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast. In this episode, we kick things off with a discussion on how ransomware gangs are taking new leaps to extort money. Spoiler alert - you aren’t going to like it one bit. From there, we jump into a discussion surrounding the booming black market in China for access to ChatGPT. 

We continue the discussion looking at how a fitness app led a researcher to discover the home and walkabouts of a former top aid to Joe Biden. To close out the episode, we look at how banks’ voice as a password is not secure. 

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·        Ransomware Attacks Have Entered a ‘Heinous’ New Phase

·        A booming illicit market for OpenAI’s chatbot shows the huge potential, and risks, for Chinese generative AI

·        AllTrails Data Exposes Precise Movements of Former Top Biden Official

·        How I Broke Into a Bank Account With an AI-Generated Voice

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In episode 289 of the Transatlantic Cable, the team look at four new stories to tempt your earbuds.  This week kicks off with news that TikTok are implementing a 60-minute time limit for users under 18. 

Following that, discussion moves to further developments around FTX, this time about their missing $9 billion. To wrap up, we discuss news around Call of Duty players taking back Black Ops III from hackers and bots and more news around the recent LastPass data breach.

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The latest episode of the Transatlantic Cable sees the team starting out with news around Signal and their refusal to weaken encryption for the U.K government.  Following that, the team move onto discussions around Meta and National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s (NCMEC) campaign to help people with the spread of minors' intimate images online.

To wrap up, the team discuss SnapChat A.I chat bots and LockBit’s attack against the U.K’s Royal Mail service.

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·        Signal would 'walk' from UK if Online Safety Bill undermined encryption

·        LockBit leaks 44GB of Royal Mail's data and sets fresh £33 million ransom

·        Meta supports new platform preventing spread of minors' intimate images online

·        Snapchat is adding OpenAI chatbot capabilities for the new My AI feature

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