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Episode 269 of the Transatlantic Cable kicks off with news that Interpol is after the CEO of the failed cryptocurrency firm, Terra. Originally cited as a potential star in the crypto-world, Terra fell in the recent crypto-crash. After that, the team move on to a more disturbing story around NFTs and terror groups – it seems these groups are looking to leverage NFTs in order to raise funding.

Moving away from the crypto/NFT space, the team look at a developing story around the recent Uber and Rockstar hacks, with news coming out of the UK that somebody has been arrested. Finally, to wrap up the team look at a news story from “down under” and the telco giant, Optus, which has recently been hacked and data breached.

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Episode 268 of the Transatlantic Cable kicks off with a rather bizzare (and that’s putting it lightly) story about a chess master tournament, cheating and beads that go where the sun don’t shine, so to speak.  Let’s just say if you want to learn more, check the link below. Following that bombshell, discussion returns to familiar ground, this time talking about the Grand Theft Auto VI hack and subsequent data-breach.

After all of that, David sat down with Evgenia Ponomareva from the Kaspersky Operating System team to talk about KOS and the automotive industry – specifically how KOS can integrate into the rapidly digitizing automotive market.

To wrap up, the discussed how anti-vax groups are going underground and using carrot emojis in order to evade censorship.  The final story looks at a hack of the IHG hotel chain and how the hackers ended up deploying a wiper ‘for fun.’

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Episode 267 of the Transatlantic Cable kicks off with the slightly concerning news that Facebook engineers (apparently) don’t know what happens to your data inside Facebook. After that rather worrying story, the team move over to discussing an intriguing story looking at boffins from the National University of Singapore and Yonsei University, who have found a way to detect if your laptop is secretly recording you, all via electromagnetic waves.

Moving on, the team shift focus to discuss a recent spat of gym thefts in London – now, hang on, I hear you cry – what has this got to do with cybersecurity? Well, it turns out that the perpetrator is using a very unusual ‘hack’ in order to allow themselves access to victims’ bank accounts. We won’t spoil the details here, but it’s all tied to your mobile phone (hint: make sure you lock down your phone when you’re not near it).

To wrap up, the podcast closes with a story around a recent recovery of some $30M USD from the recent Axie Infinity hack. Now, whilst that’s a good thing, considering Lazarus managed to swipe nearly $600M USD, it does somewhat seem like a drop in the ocean.

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Episode 266 of the Transatlantic Cable kicks off with news that TikTok has had a data-breach. However, all is not as it appears, as digging into the details it appears that the breach may not be as clear cut as it first appears.  Following that, the team look at a story concerning Samsung and a confirmed data-breach – Samsung are asking affected people to secure their accounts and reset passwords.

From there, discussion moves to a story around Instagram, having just been on the receiving end of a whopping €405 million fine, due to the exposure of children’s data online.

To wrap up, the team look at a story from the Guardian looking at ‘doom scrolling’ which is defined as ‘the tendency to be glued to bad news [which] can spark a ‘vicious cycle’ that interferes with our lives.’

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Welcome to the Transatlantic Cable - a podcast that dives into hot topics in the security news and industry each week. We start off this episode with an Ex-Twitter exec blowing the whistle, alleging reckless and negligent cybersecurity policies! Moving on to Lloyd’s of London. will require its insurer groups globally to exclude catastrophic state-backed hacks from stand-alone cyber insurance policies starting next year. From Securelist we give you Ransomware updates & 1-day exploits. And for our funny story of the week Janet Jackson song from 1989 declared a cybersecurity vulnerability for crashing hard drives! We finish off with how attackers can steal your credentials and how you can prevent it.

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