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Welcome to the final edition of the Kaspersky podcast for 2019. Dave and I kick off episode 123 by looking at a story in the city of New Orleans.

Last week, the home of the famous Mardi Gras festivities, was hit with a series of cyber attacks including phishing and ransomware. To avoid the spread of the attack, the city pulled their computers offline and asked their employees to resort to using classic era tactics like radios and pens and paper.

Following that story, we take a look at the latest issue pertaining Facebook and data privacy. However, the twist here is that unlike user data being compromised, it was employee data stolen. Also the attack was far from cyber as the company saw data, including banking details of 29,000 employees stolen on hard drives left within an employee’s car. We then move across Silicon Valley to take a look at Ring’s home surveillance network. It seems that the popular home doorbell camera is sharing more than many would like bringing into question whether the IoT device is actually a good idea to install. To close out the story portion of our podcast, we take a look at the devastating toll that video moderation on YouTube takes on moderators.

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Welcome to the 122nd edition of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast. This week, Dave and I take a look at what’s doing the rounds this week in the infosec world.

To start, we take a look at how Evil Corp, a loose coalition of hackers has managed to steal over $100 million from victims – but now the FBI is offering a $5 million reward.

From there, we take a look at how the Which? Consumer group, based in the UK is warning parents about a ‘hackable’ Bluetooth walkie-talkie.  We then quickly move onto how some scammers are looking to profit from the Elder Scrolls Online game by sending out phishing emails and messages (hint: if an email ever asks for your password, delete the email.)

To wrap up Dave and I look at how Tinder users are sharing more than their fare-share of information on the dating platform.

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Welcome to the 121st edition of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable Podcast. This week, Dave and I hit on some topics that were missed in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday hoopla.

We start off the podcast looking at smart TVs. Government entities in both the US and Russia have made some moves that are worth keeping an eye on. In the US, it was the FBI talking tape and in Russia, it is on adding software to the devices before purchase.

From there, Dave and I stay on the topic of smart devices with Amazon’s Ring. There has been a lot of chatter on this topic from a privacy and policy standpoint in regard to their new “watch list.” On the topic of Amazon, we also take a look at the growing concerns on the daily integration of the company within major US cities. Our next story brings us to TikTok and the latest controversy surrounding their latest bout of censorship. Our fourth story visits the stance of Facebook in regards to factual vs. fake political ads. To wrap up the podcast, we look at the latest crypto-wallet to leave customers without funds.

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