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Welcome to episode 248 of the Transatlantic Cable. In this week’s episode Dave and Ahmed look at some of the more unique or interesting stories to come out of the tech / info-sec world.

To kick things off, they look at a breaking story about how BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club, to you and me) is reeling after a hack on their Instagram account led to the theft of quite a few NFTs. 

From there, they look at how an actor’s guild is getting increasingly concerned about AI and deep-fakes, calling for reform. Following that, they look at a concerning story around fake reviews and how the US government is looking at legislation to try to tackle rampant fakery.

Wrapping up, they look at news from Google showing that 2021 was a ‘banner-year’ for zero-day exploits and their usage.

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Welcome to episode 247 of the Transatlantic Cable, where we talk about all the recent info-sec related news you might have missed this week. 

To kick off, the team look at a story around NFTs – in recent weeks, the overall trading volume of non-fungible tokens has dropped dramatically, but that didn’t faze the owner of Jack Dorsey’s first tweet – who was asking for $48M, however initial trading suggested it would only reach $6,800 – not great.  From there, Dave and Ahmed move on to a more disturbing story around a hack of the DeFi platform, Beanstalk – and how it happened is more mind-boggling than you could ever think. 

Moving onwards, the team look at a recent story that suggests that North Korea is behind the hacking of a gaming platform and RaidForums, the once popular criminal forum, was shuttered in a joint effort by the FBI and Europol.

To close out the episode, they look at some hopeful news as the experts over at Kaspersky have managed to create a decryptor key for the Yanluowang ransomware.

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Welcome to episode 246 of the Transatlantic Cable - we start off this episode from Isle of Wight, where its Council's electric vehicle chargers were hacked to show a porn site! Then we move to Shanghai, where the latest lockdown comes with a creepy robot creature scuttling through the empty streets. Also, Bored Apes goes Hollywood with a Coinbase-produced movie trilogy.

Also, some good news for cryptocurrency fans as the UK Treasury has announced that it will regulate some cryptocurrencies as part of a wider plan to make the UK a hub for digital payment companies. Lastly, we finish the episode from the U.S. where scammers use a puppy face to steal from their victims.

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Our streak of a two-man booth for the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast, with Ahmed and Jeff kicking things off in the cryptocurrency world.

More specific, we discuss some proposed legislation in the EU that would remove a level of anonymity for all transactions. While we have some fun with the topic, this is something that has been brewing and will be an interesting topic to follow. From there, we discuss Borat – unfortunately not the Sacha Baron Cohen flick – a new RAT making the rounds in criminal circles.

For our third stories, we put on our tinfoil hats and talk about some new patents from the US Navy that, well let’s face it, sound a lot like alien technology. To close out the podcast, we discuss the metaverse and a newish system that seems a lot like a

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