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The latest edition of the Transatlantic Cable begins with discussion around Android phones accidentally dialling emergency services in the U.K. From there, discussion moves to malware-laced malware games and law-makers in the U.S share concerns around Alphabet’s relaxing of ‘fake-news’ policies.

To wrap up the team look at discussions around A.I and jobs – is a machine really going to swipe your job? 

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Episode 304 kicks off with news that U.S government agencies are also affected by the recent CLOP gang as they’re also using the affected MOVEit software.  From there the team also discuss the most recent flaws in the MOVEit software and urge users to update. 

Following on from that, there’s an interview with Ghislaine Boddington about the newly released Fast Forward audio series from Kaspersky; Apple’s fight with Apples (yes, really) and the team wrap up with talk around OpenAI’s seemingly contradictory statements on AI regulation.

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Episode 302 of the Transatlantic Cable kicks off with discussions around the Clop ransomware gang issuing ultimatums to affected businesses.  From there the team look at how ChatGPT is being used to create mutating malware which is capable of evading EDR; how a newly discovered malware dubbed ‘DoubleFinger’ is being used to steal crypto and another crypto-related story, this time around advertising crypto in the U.K.

To wrap up the team look at a story around how a Nintendo Switch was used by the FBI to track a missing teenager, who was later found 500 miles from home.

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The team kick off episode 302 with news that cyber attackers have hit a pay-roll company in the U.K, affecting hundreds of thousands of victims. From there, the team talk about Apple’s latest hardware and is it game over for Metaverse? 

Moving on, the team talk about scammers trying to defraud students and the FTC fine Ring for previous security breaches. 

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