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Episode 292 of the Transatlantic Cable Podcast is here! This week, the team talk about aggressive AI and how the DEA have turned Apple AirTags into a surveillance tool against criminals.

Moving on, the team discuss recent news that Nvidia’s CTO thinks that crypto-currencies don’t “bring anything useful for society” – pretty bold words for a business that sold GPU cards to crypto-miners just a few years ago.  To wrap up, discussion moves onto how the US is looking to block the use and sale of commercial spyware – however, there’s a pretty big catch.  

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·        Microsoft's Bing AI Now Threatening Users Who Provoke It

·        The DEA Quietly Turned Apple’s AirTag Into A Surveillance Tool

·        Cryptocurrencies add nothing useful to society, says chip-maker Nvidia

·        President Biden kind of mostly bans commercial spyware from US govt


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