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Episode 267 of the Transatlantic Cable kicks off with the slightly concerning news that Facebook engineers (apparently) don’t know what happens to your data inside Facebook. After that rather worrying story, the team move over to discussing an intriguing story looking at boffins from the National University of Singapore and Yonsei University, who have found a way to detect if your laptop is secretly recording you, all via electromagnetic waves.

Moving on, the team shift focus to discuss a recent spat of gym thefts in London – now, hang on, I hear you cry – what has this got to do with cybersecurity? Well, it turns out that the perpetrator is using a very unusual ‘hack’ in order to allow themselves access to victims’ bank accounts. We won’t spoil the details here, but it’s all tied to your mobile phone (hint: make sure you lock down your phone when you’re not near it).

To wrap up, the podcast closes with a story around a recent recovery of some $30M USD from the recent Axie Infinity hack. Now, whilst that’s a good thing, considering Lazarus managed to swipe nearly $600M USD, it does somewhat seem like a drop in the ocean.

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