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We kick off with news that Google plan to introduce a new AI tool to help detect if you’re being scammed in a phone call – a boon for those who fall prey to scams.  From there the team discuss news that Scarlett Johansson isn’t best pleased about the likeness of ChatGPT’s new voice, which sounds eerily familiar to her own.

To wrap up the team discuss two stories, firstly around how an ‘AI porn-maker’ (yes people, that’s now a job) accidentally leaked his own customer data. The second story centres around BT’s decision to move away from copper-cable landlines in the UK to an all-digital future – and it’s got several people annoyed.

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Episode 347 of the Transatlantic Cable podcast begins with news that Dell have been hit by a data breach, however details on the breach are scarce. Following that the team discuss another data breach, this time affecting Europol.

To wrap up the team discuss two stories, the first around Spanish police pulling data on suspects from sources such as Proton mail and Apple. The final story is around Securelist’s latest APT report, looking at Q1 2024.

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For the 346th episode of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable Podcast, Jag and I dive into a handful of stories that tie back to disinformation, privacy, people persisting, before ending with the WTF story of the week (and perhaps year).


We kick things off discussing WhatsApp and encryption, but more importantly how the app’s boss understands that it is being used – even in countries where there are bans on the popular messenger app. From there, we jump into the story from last week that impacts users of DropBox. After covering what it is, we discuss some safety measures that can be used by people using the service.


For our third story, we dive into the world of TikTok. While the US ban may be top of mind, we are actually crossing the world to discuss a recent phenomenon on the app that ties back to North Korea. It isn’t a hack, but rather an odd case of a propaganda song from the country going viral on the popular platform. Who would have thought that disinformation could go viral? But hey, I guess the beat slaps (as the kids say).


After that bit of head scratching, we head back to the US where recent research has shown that phishing sites impersonating the USPS are getting almost as much traffic as the real site. To close things out, we dive into AI and porn. More specifically, a new app being advertised on PornHub that allows anyone with the app to see any person neked, with the help of AI and without consent.


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·      Tens of millions secretly use WhatsApp despite bans

·      Dropbox says hackers stole customer data, auth secrets from eSignature service

·      Why North Korea's latest propaganda bop is a huge TikTok hit

·      US Post Office phishing sites get as much traffic as the real one

·      Pornhub's Nonconsensual 'Nudify' Ad

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Episode 345 of the Transatlantic Cable podcast kicks off with a story from the U.S, where a Pew survey suggested that most American’s feel that social media platforms have too much political power and influence. From there the team discuss news that ChatGPT can hack software vulnerabilities and the U.K becomes the first country in the world to ban simple passwords such as 123456 or ‘password’ for smart devices.

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