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Episode 300 kicks off with a bang, with discussion around Meta’s record breaking fine for sending EU citizens’ data to the United States. From there discussion moves to A.I and fake ChatGPT apps on mobile stores. The team also discuss news around Neeva’s closure, the search engine that asked for a donation instead of selling your search-history – is there really no room for innovation in the search market?  It seems not, sadly.

To wrap up the team sat down with Victor Sergeev, incident response team lead in SOC at Kaspersky to talk about his recent work with IOCs and ChatGPT. 

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·        Meta fined $1.3 billion & ordered to stop sending European user data to US

·        Generative AI that can change anyone’s race is probably not a great idea

·        ChatGPT Scams Are Infiltrating the App Store and Google Play

·        Neeva: Ad-free search engine shuts down

·        IoC detection experiments with ChatGPT

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