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After a brief hiatus, the team are back together again talking all things cyber-sec.  This week’s episode kicks off with a story around the Brazilian rainforest and NFTs (yes, really). Following that, the team discuss a recent story around Seth Green and his recent hacked Bored Ape NFT – turns out it wasn’t a solitary attack and was part of a much broader attack on NFTs and crypto.

After the two NFT stories, the team dive into something more serious this week, looking at the arrest and subsequent trial of the ex-CIA hacker who famously dumped data (aka: Vault 7) onto Wiki-Leaks. Astonishingly, that story is now over 5 years old.

To wrap up, the team discuss a returning story of the bitcoin advocate who is (still) desperately trying to dig up a waste disposal site, all with the aim of recovering a hard-drive with his wallet key on. All we can say is, good luck.

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