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Welcome to episode 249 of the Transatlantic Cable. This week, the team look at some of the more ‘interesting’ stories in the cyber-security world.

To start, Dave and Jeff look at a concerning story, regarding REvil – the infamous ransomware gang that was, until recently, thought to be shut down.  The story looks at signs that all might not be as it seems and there’s rumblings that the gang may be about to make a return.  From there, they discuss a story around a DeFi hack and how the platform, Fei Protocol is offering a cool $10 million to return the stolen funds.

From there, things get decidedly strange – the first story, looks at stalking using Apple AirTags – something that’s becoming increasingly common.  The next story takes a look at recent news that Russia and America are training dolphins for underwater missions (there’s a reference to Austin Powers here, I know it) and the final story looks at how hackers could potentially do harm through the hacking of “love” robots.  Yes, really. 

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