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To open up the 171st episode of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable Podcast we dive into the world of the Silk Road.

No, Dave and I aren’t talking drugs, weapons or murder for hire, but rather Bitcoins. You see, the US government recently seized roughly $1 Billion in the currency that appears to be tied to the now-defunct ecosystem. From there, we dive into the aftermath of the 2020 US elections.

Now, we don’t discuss who won or who lost, but rather the insecurities in a site built to challenge some of the results by the GOP and the Trump team. From there, we head to Asia where there is a an apparent ransomware infection for Compal, the second-largest laptop manufacturer in the world.

We close out the podcast looking at a sad romantic story. In this tale from the UK, we are exposed to a widow who is one of many who fall into the world of fraud and cat-fishing. Unfortunately for the woman who is the focus of the story, not only did she lose a boat-ton of money, but she also helped launder money.

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