Transatlantic Cable Podcast

Dave and I kick off this week’s edition of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable Podcast, we look into the conviction of the LinkedIn hacker.

While we talk a lot on this podcast on data breaches and hacking, but this story was a bit of nostalgia. From there, we hit on a pair of stories on TikTok. The first story is the one that will make you go hmmm. Recently both the Republican and Democratic national committees have warned their members to delete TikTok from their devices or and to avoid using it because of “security concerns,” or, if you read between the lines, that it is from China. We then stay on the TikTok topic and how Amazon sent out an internal email to remove the app from corporate devices.

After that, we hop into the real-life James Bond moment where we look into the work done by Mitre for the US government. To close out the podcast, we look at a robot being rolled out in Siberia to help Russian citizens.

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