Transatlantic Cable Podcast

Welcome to the 142nd edition of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast, Dave and I tackle a number of pressing stories and have a conversation with one of the company’s regional managing directors.

We start off the podcast by looking at a data breach at a dating site. Earlier in the week, the Shiny Hunters made over 70 million credentials available for sale on the Dark Web, including ones for dating site Zoosk. If you are a user of the site, be sure to change your password and if you have an account and don’t use it, you should consider closing the account.

Following that story, we head over to India where the country’s COVID-19 tracking app has come under scrutiny. Despite being downloaded 90 million times, it seems that if someone wanted to, they could focus into whom in their neighborhood was infected with the virus. We stay on the virus topic where we discuss the news of state-sponsored attacks on firms researching vaccines for the virus. After that, we take a moment to acknowledge the 15th birthday of the one and only Leroy Jenkins.

After that nostalgic moment, we take a break from the regularly scheduled programing to chat with Rob Cataldo, the managing director for Kaspersky in North America. During our chat, we look at the challenges for managing a team during the quarantine, threat intelligence and ransomware in the region. After talking with Cataldo, we wrap up looking at the latest on Zoom and how they are addressing privacy and security concerns.

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