Transatlantic Cable Podcast

For the 139th edition of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast, Dave and I continue in our model of stories and adding in some practical tips from one of our experts.

Our first story jumps back on a very popular topic of late, Zoom. This story takes a look at serious flaws reported by Dropbox and also dives into the bug bounty program that the company has for it’s vendors.

From there, we hop into a look behind the curtain at Google. The company notes that they are blocking 18M scam emails a day. We then hop over to Facebook, who has not been as good in regards to cutting down on the disinformation in regards to the Corona virus. We then jump over to a talk with David Emm on some ticks and tricks to remote working safely. We then close out the podcast with a look at the recent Webkinz data breach.

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