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Welcome to the final edition of the Kaspersky podcast for 2019. Dave and I kick off episode 123 by looking at a story in the city of New Orleans.

Last week, the home of the famous Mardi Gras festivities, was hit with a series of cyber attacks including phishing and ransomware. To avoid the spread of the attack, the city pulled their computers offline and asked their employees to resort to using classic era tactics like radios and pens and paper.

Following that story, we take a look at the latest issue pertaining Facebook and data privacy. However, the twist here is that unlike user data being compromised, it was employee data stolen. Also the attack was far from cyber as the company saw data, including banking details of 29,000 employees stolen on hard drives left within an employee’s car. We then move across Silicon Valley to take a look at Ring’s home surveillance network. It seems that the popular home doorbell camera is sharing more than many would like bringing into question whether the IoT device is actually a good idea to install. To close out the story portion of our podcast, we take a look at the devastating toll that video moderation on YouTube takes on moderators.

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