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To start off this week’s episode of the Transatlantic Cable podcast, Ahmed, Dave, and I talk cryptocurrency. Unlike most of our chats on the digital currency, we focus on the criminal aspect of it.

More accurately, our conversation centers on a new report of the nearly $400 million North Korea is alleged to have stolen in the past year. We have some fun going through the report, but we also discuss its implications.

Staying in the world of cybercrime, we then discuss the further-ranging implications of an FBI honeypot operation that involved rather more “anonymous” phones than initially reported.

Our third story heads over to Eastern Europe, where Russia’s FSB has arrested members of the REvil gang after getting good intel from the FBI. This story has been a long-time coming but is also somehow surprising.

We then head to a weird story that might as well have come from The Quibbler. A lawsuit claims that Facebook, being free, is a monopoly. Of all the things to sue Facebook over! Ahmed and I have a bit of fun at David’s expense with this story. We close out the podcast with a pair of stories discussing some more bad news for the world of NFTs.

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