Transatlantic Cable Podcast

Happy New Year and welcome to the first Transatlantic Cable podcast of 2022. With Dave still out, Ahmed and I take on this episode as a two-man show.

To kick things off, we reflect on the Christmas holiday and this year’s “it” toy, the Chatter Bluetooth Telephone from Fisher-Price. This toy is pretty cool, and it lets users actually talk with it over Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the connection is not as secure as one would hope.

From there, we head to the world of mobile chat apps for a story about a malicious downloader tied to Telegram and people downloading from unofficial sources.

The third story we talk about has to do with Spiderman No Way Home — no spoilers here, just the predictable malware, this time of the crypto-mining variety.

To close out the podcast, we discuss a new vulnerability affecting some people who connect to Apple HomeKit.

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