Transatlantic Cable Podcast

Episode 274 of the Transatlantic Cable kicks off with a story that has wide ramifications if it goes ahead. The EU has finalised plans for their DMA, or Digital Markets Act, which would open up things such as app stores and messenger apps to third-parties – in effect, it would enable users (eventually) to install app stores from competing services on their devices.  However, how it will work in practice is anybody’s guess right now.

From there, the team talk about a recent story around crypto-currency and Matt Damon – hint folks: don’t take financial advice from actors.  From there, the discussion moves to news around a Chinese propaganda service, allegedly being run inside USA, in an attempt to disrupt the midterms. To wrap up, the team talk about news that the Biden administration have issued new cybersecurity requirements for rail operators, in an attempt to shore up cyber-security in critical industries.

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