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Episode 262 of the Transatlantic Cable kicks off with news that Twitter recently suffered a data breach, with an estimated 5 million users affected, the cause is being blamed on a zero-day. From there the team stay with social media as they discuss a story around Meta and their latest invention – a chatbot. There’s a slight problem in that it has become racist.  Staying on the Meta train, the next story looks at a lawsuit being filed against Meta, saying they have been ‘harvesting’ data from hospital sites.

In between the stories and quizzes, the team this week were lucky enough to sit down with Sergey Petrukhin from Kaspersky to talk about KHCS – Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security, and why it’s great for protecting your business cloud endpoints.

Moving onto the final few stories, we stay with social media as the UK government makes a swift U-turn, creating, then quickly closing, their very first TikTok account.  To wrap up, discussion turns to recent news around Tornado Cash, the controversial crypto mixer, and recent sanctions from the United States government.

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