Transatlantic Cable Podcast

For the first time in what feels like a long time, the team are fully reunited to discuss this week’s topics. They kick things off with news that more and more hospitals are under attack from ransomware. From there, the team discuss a strange story about an MP in Australia who’s been handed a ‘lifetime ban’ on Facebook for letting her account get hacked.

After that, the team take a brief hiatus so that Elena Molchanova from our business development team can talk about Security Awareness training – a new offering from Kaspersky to help train staff in cybersecurity compliance.

Getting back on track, the team close out the podcast with two related stories about TikTok – the first around growing concerns in the West around the data harvesting that the app performs, and the second looks at a worrying story on how some parents are looking to leverage their children for likes and shares. 

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