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Welcome to episode 250 of the Transatlantic Cable. This week, the team look at some of the more ‘interesting’ stories in the cybersecurity world.

Kicking things off, the team take a look at a story suggesting that the NFT world is imploding, with the article saying that NFT sales have declined by a whopping 92% from the highs of last year. From there, the team look at a more concerning story around recent NFT / crypto hacks, saying that in April 2022 alone, hackers managed to siphon off $370 million from crypto exchanges and NFT platforms.

Moving away from the world of crypto, the team discuss the recent happenings in Costa Rica after a recent hack from the Conti group left much of the government disabled. The country has since declared a national emergency to try to tackle the ongoing problems with the attack.

To wrap up, they look into movies with a discussion around The Batman’s main antagonist (no spoilers!), and why he’s a more modern take on an old villain.

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