Transatlantic Cable Podcast

Welcome to episode 247 of the Transatlantic Cable, where we talk about all the recent info-sec related news you might have missed this week. 

To kick off, the team look at a story around NFTs – in recent weeks, the overall trading volume of non-fungible tokens has dropped dramatically, but that didn’t faze the owner of Jack Dorsey’s first tweet – who was asking for $48M, however initial trading suggested it would only reach $6,800 – not great.  From there, Dave and Ahmed move on to a more disturbing story around a hack of the DeFi platform, Beanstalk – and how it happened is more mind-boggling than you could ever think. 

Moving onwards, the team look at a recent story that suggests that North Korea is behind the hacking of a gaming platform and RaidForums, the once popular criminal forum, was shuttered in a joint effort by the FBI and Europol.

To close out the episode, they look at some hopeful news as the experts over at Kaspersky have managed to create a decryptor key for the Yanluowang ransomware.

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