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Episode 244 of the Transatlantic Cable, Dave and Ahmed look at some of the more unusual infosec stories doing the rounds.  Starting out, the team look at one of the more well read stories of the week, which focuses on the arrest of the alleged mastermind of the Lapsus$ gang.  Following that, Dave and Ahmed move to a story that might have Honda owners concerned, as a PoC hack shows how hackers are able to break into their cars.

The final stories focus on the NFT / metaverse world, with the first looking at a recent purchase from Snap (yes, the company that owns SnapChat) which involves augmented reality and mind-control (yes, really).  The second story focuses on recent news that Yuga Labs (the company behind BAYC or the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs) has teased news around a new game their working on, which will, no doubt, lean heavily on NFTs and apes.  Time will tell if it’s a success or not.

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