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Episode 243 of the Transatlantic Cable kicks off with the teams (current) favourite topic: NFTs.  The first story focuses the news that WinAmp (remember them?) is auctioning off their original skin as an NFT, with the majority of the proceeds going to charity.  The second story looks at Heineken’s response to the NFT craze.  The final story talks about the recent news that NFTs are now trending down 80% of their current price – has the bubble burst?

Following on from that, the look at news coming out of Australia that will force ‘finfluencers’ (financial influencer) to become accredited, or risk a fine or even a jail term for offering financial advice.

To wrap up, the team look at news of a dangerous new ransomware, LokiLocker, which threatens to delete your master boot record if you don’t cough up the dough.

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