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Welcome to the Transatlantic Cable - a podcast that dives into hot topics in the security news and industry each week. Episode 242 of the Transatlantic Cable starts with Conti ransomware gang’s internal chat logs, day-to-day operations leaked. Then we jump to a REvil ransomware gang update as a member was extradited to U.S. to stand trial for Kaseya attack!

And then a surprising return of Limewire! But now it's selling NFTs! And the NFT frenzy continues when a $1 million clipart rock NFT accidentally sold for less than a cent.

To finish today's episode we talk about Roblox, where apparently players are mining cryptocurrency and then automatically exchanging that for Robux, Roblox's in-game currency. And finally how cybercriminals are stealing from children on Roblox, the gaming platform worth $68 billion!

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