Transatlantic Cable Podcast

Episode 241 of the Transatlantic Cable kicks off with two ransomware stories.  The first looks at what happened when two ransomware gangs attacked the same victim, at the same time.  The second looks at the recent news around Samsung and Nvidia, allegedly hacked by the Lapsus$ gang.

From there, the team talk about NFTs and the metaverse, with the first story sure to raise the frustrations of petrol-heads as an artist blew up a $250,000 Lamborghini to create NFTs to sell digitally – yes, we’re scratching our heads on that one as well. 

The other NFT / metaverse stories look at an NFT vending machine in New York and WingStop filing a multi-class trademark to enter the metaverse and sell virtual chicken wings.

To wrap up, the team look at a story around Second-Life and plans to add tax to most in-game items. 

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