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For the 237th episode of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast, Ahmed and I ask Dave to dive back into the NFT sea for a pair of stories, both of which center around OpenSea.

The first story comes to us from Vice where Joseph Cox looks into an issue where NFTs may be running third party code without the user’s awareness – in some instances obtaining a IP address for people viewing an NFT. The second story discusses a bug in OpenSea where hackers are able to buy NFTs for previous prices and then flip them for more – all without the current owner’s knowledge.

We then shift focus to Apple to discuss the company’s new response to Air Tags being used for stalking purposes. The question is though, why wasn’t this safety guide already around?

We then jump into the metaverse and debate whether or not this is something that the world really needs to happen. To close out the podcast, we discuss Signal’s new move to incorporate anonymous payments into their future products. 

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